Moleman Films demoscene movie gives insight into the last 30 years of demo production

on Apr.27, 2012, under Demoscene

Checkout this cool movie from Moleman Films that dives into the demoscene parties of Hungary and France. It’s got in depth interviews with some well known demo producers and insightful commentary about what happens at large demoscene gatherings.

The demoscene has been around since the late 80′s. It’s amazing that so many demoscene videos were produced on the Commodore 64 and Amiga with only 4 kilobytes of space, that roughly translates to just a page worth of text. Many in the demoscene love to push the limits of the C64 and till this day produce fluid visual effects. To give you an idea of the power in a C64, your phone is a thousand times faster!

Sceners have been producing executable demos for over 30 years, they gained mass popularity online during the internets infancy with the trading of hacked software. Before then though sceners were sending one another large folders with with disks holding executables of their creations.

Some of the Sceners in the film:

  • Reptil [HU]
  • Astroidia
  • Pioson [HU]
  • Singular Crew
  • Hakon [PL]
  • Duckers [NO]
  • Unreal [HU]
  • Murphey [HU]
  • Exceed and
  • Arokparty

My favorite parts:

  • 39:30 – Explanation of beat production using basic tools
  • 46:00 – Pixel art scener tricks
  • 50:10 – The new age of Scene art
  • 55:49 – More modern tools being introduced into the demoscene such as Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Premiere and custom 3D tools developed by the sceners themselves.
  • 104:43 – You get a broad view of the democsene today in Northern Europe. In Germany there’s a gathering called Breakpointthat has seen up to a thousand people show up. There is also Assembly in Finland and The Gathering in Norway which draw large numbers of attendees.

This is a wonderful movie that dives into the sceners realm and pulls the curtains up so we can experience the genius behind these cool visuals that are DJ’s beginning to use more and more during in their sets.

Get it Here
Hungary demoscene community

Also, here’s an awesome video from Farbrausch for your enjoyment:

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Seth Troxler – Hurt

on Jan.19, 2012, under From Youtube, Minimal Tribal, Recommended tracks, Song Reviews

Subtle drums fade this one in, its the kind of track that can be played at any kind of dance spot really. I would introduced this towards the beginning of a Tribal house session because of its minimal nature. Towards the middle it comes on much stronger and the distorted vocals come off kind of bad ass saying “hurt ya” repeatedly. Its temporarily evolves into an eclectic kind of New York early morning house jam towards the end then levels off to where it was the first two minutes.

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on Jan.19, 2012, under Song Reviews

The music is nice but a bit repetitive and a little too bashful for my liking. It doesn’t really take me anywhere unless I close my eyes which is good I guess but I wouldn’t really consider M83 a house act. This could play well in a smaller venue like Webster Hall in NY. I’ve never heard them live so I dont know how it will translate live on the stage at Ultra, I only hope it’ll be more varied then their recorded stuff, I.E. this:

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Duck Sauce sucks…

on Jan.19, 2012, under Uncategorized

I have no idea how this got popular, the music is terrible. Barbara Streisand video is really well made. Music is sucky though. Thats all I have to say


Metronomy – The Bay

on Jan.17, 2012, under From Youtube, Recommended tracks, Song Reviews

Metronomy’s “The Bay” is edgy dance music with a touch of hipster laying on beach. They deliver a real nice video to lay your eyes on that defines turn of the decade. You really feel like comfortably convolved with this track, you can easily melt away to their meditative new wave electronic dance rhythm because its harmonious and well produced, therefore good enough to let go and enjoy.

The video is Directed by David Wilson and Produced by Patrick Craig and Tamsin Glasson, all of Colonial Blimp. It starts off as many other videos set in a tropical location with a helicopter zooming over pristine blue water which gives way to a small somewhat Mediterranean looking bay. The lead singer Joseph Mount has some really cool filters set to his voice. It comes off kind of epic towards the end, the sounds aren’t so new wave but more like the peak of a house track.

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Ultra Music Festival 2012 Lineup

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The Ultra Music Festival is just two months away. DJ video is looking forward to this massive event that will take place for three days plus an evening in Miami, Floridas Bayfront Park on March 22-25 2012. Since its the biggest electronic music festival in the planet, we like going every year to engage in the spectacle of it all. DJ Video will be taking a look at the lineup and provide music and reviews in the coming days leading up to the event.

To learn more about Ultra or its lineup visit the Ultra Music Festival Official website

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Kim Sozzi – Little Bird (Italia3 Radio Edit)

on Aug.13, 2011, under From Youtube, HI-NRG, Recommended tracks, Song Reviews

Ultra records has outdone themselves in producing this gem of a track. I like the fact that vocally it stays away from the traditional trendy fluff. Its got a really nice message, its the kind of track you wanna listen to after a hard days work. The synths are very clean and shine wonderfully right along side Kim Sozzi’s resounding vocals.

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Wynter Gordon - Til Death (Denzal Park Radio Edit)

on Aug.12, 2011, under Uncategorized

This tracks beats start out very 80′s pop as many electronic acts are currently do. When I first hear the vocals of Til Death I think its another teenage pop track, which it is, but the lyrics are certainly beyond anything I have ever heard. It throws mortality at you, I can picture some of these lyrics in a Lincoln Park opus.

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Taylor Dayne – Facing A Miracle (Soundfactory Radio Edit)

on Jul.08, 2011, under From Youtube, HI-NRG, Recommended tracks

Quickly the song takes on a warm hi-nrg message, the buildup is reminiscent of Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love(Jonathan Peters Mix), guess that why this is the Soundfactory edit. The track is rhythmic and the breaks between the builds that are clouded with etherial synths, just like a good pop dance track should be.

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ATB – Could You Believe

on Aug.27, 2010, under From Youtube, Song Reviews

Another wonderful production from ATB. Its so refreshing to have this amazing DJ wholeheartitly embrace vocals in his Trance beats. This is one of very few pure trance tracks that can be played at most any dance event I can think of. I would love to hear Lady gaga come out with a single like this.

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